About Me

Short Story Writer

David S. Osgood is a short story writer. He resides in Holly Springs, North Carolina, where rural and suburban collide among crepe myrtles. He has a Bachelor's degree in Creative Writing from the University of Southern California.

David has been recently published in O:JA&L, Crack the Spine, Firewords, Treehouse, Glassworks, Eastern Iowa Review, awaiting publication in Peregrine Journal, and won the Microfiction Honorable Mention Award from San Antonio Writer's Guild. 

By day, David is in Marketing for Medical Devices. By nights and weekends, he is a boyfriend, a father, a doggy daddy, a rapper, a true crime fanatic, and a snorer.

What's Your Why?

My Why: 

to make a connection with others by sharing my personal journey so that we can inspire change. 

What's your Why? What are your passions? Do you have a journey to tell? I'd love to hear about it, read about it, and talk about it. Let's connect!

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